Collaborate and Communicate with MS Office 2010

May 21, 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 makes it simple to collaborate and communicate with others.  In addition to improving many applications and tools, Microsoft had also added new applications and tools that make it easier than ever to work together and keep in touch with others.


MS Office 2010 makes it easy to work with others on shared files at the same time.  With MS Office 2010 programs, you don’t need to be in the same location to work together and you won’t have to worry about version control or about being locked out of a shared file.  Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Excel 2010, and OneNote 2010 have new and improved features that make it fun and easy to collaborate on documents, presentations, spreadsheets and notebooks.  Key enhancements to the co-authoring experience include the following:

  • Real-time update feature- lets all co-authors know when a shared file has been updated.
  • Save to share feature- lets each co-author choose when to share work by simply saving any revisions or additions to the co-authored file.
  • Real-time status feature- notifies all concurrently collaborating co-authors when other team members join or leave a collaboration session.  A small icon on the tool bar will present you with your co-authors’ contact information and make it simple to IM, email, or call them.

Web Apps

Microsoft Office 2010 has made it simple for you to have access to your most commonly used programs through Web Apps.  Web Apps are free, slightly pared down versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote that let you work on files in your favorite productivity programs regardless of your location.  In addition, you can share your work with others that might not have access to Microsoft programs. (Now you can share your work with Mac and Linux users and not worry about compatibility.)  Web Apps are available through two different routes to meet the needs of most users.

  • Microsoft Office Live -is a free online storage and document sharing site that gives you access to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote.  Users can create and save files online and access them securely from any location with most smart phones, laptops, and workstations that have an internet connection.  With Microsoft Office Live and Web Apps, it’s easy to share files with others.
  • Microsoft SharePoint- is a moderately priced business collaborative platform that can support Web Apps for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.  When using SharePoint with Web Apps, storage, document creation, and sharing are kept in your business instead of being stored online. Together, SharePoint and Web Apps integrate perfectly with Office 2010 and give you more administrative control over file creation and sharing.

Social Connector

This new application helps you keep track of all your social networking sites from Outlook.  Anytime someone in any of your networks updates their status or profile you will get a real-time update in your inbox.  Currently, Microsoft has partnered with LinkedIn, My Space and Facebook to help you stay connected to your business contacts, friends, and family.

Conversation View

Outlook 2010 makes it easy to keep track of email threads by compressing them into a few conversations that are simple to manage.  Conversations are collected in your inbox based on conversation IDs instead of subject lines.  The Conversation View removes the clutter from your inbox and makes it easy to keep track of important conversations and also makes it easy to flag, follow up, or delete entire conversations in one step.

Learn more

To learn more about how Microsoft Office 2010 can make it easier for you to collaborate and communicate with others, please contact the Microsoft Office 2010 Gold Partners at KaDee Associates Inc. or call us at 484 974 2319 to get more information


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