Express Yourself with MS Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 makes it easy for you to punch up the simplest text into an attention grabbing statement.  They did it by improving several tools introduced in earlier versions of Office and by adding a few new ones to enhance your productivity.  By using familiar programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook, you can create a message that your audience won’t be able to ignore.
Create it
Expressing yourself starts with creating content that can connect you to your audience.  Microsoft makes it easy to do that with Office 2010.
Improved picture editing With Office 2010, you don’t need to edit pictures in a separate program before inserting them into your Word document, Publisher file, or PowerPoint presentation.  A large choice of artistic effects  allow you to take a basic photo and manipulate it as you would in any other photo program, except that you don’t have to leave your current project to do it.  Combined with a large and newly enhanced choice of Office themes and SmartArt® graphic layouts, it is easy to turn basic text and a few photos into professional presentation material.
Improved audio and video editing Office 2010 makes it easy to add audio and video effects to your presentations.  With the newest version of PowerPoint, you can easily insert audio and video files and edit them in PowerPoint.  Earlier versions of PowerPoint required third-party editing programs to modify audio and video before inserting it into a presentation, often causing compatibility issues, but with PowerPoint 2010, file editing is done in the program, eliminating those issues.  Also, in this newest version of PowerPoint, you have access to terrific special effects that make it easy to fade in and fade out sound and video, and manipulate the files in other artistic ways that let you express yourself and get your point across to your audience.
Share it
Once you’ve created a document or presentation you need a way to get it to your audience and Microsoft makes it easy for you to do that.  Office 2010 helps you get your message out in several ways.
Broadcast Slide Show- This new feature lets you publish your PowerPoint slide deck to your audience, even if they don’t have PowerPoint on their computers or mobile devices.  MS makes it easy to upload your presentation on your company SharePoint server or cloud storage site and make it accessible to your audience through almost any web browser.
Publish it with Publisher- Publisher 2010 makes it easy to create and post your web publications.  With the click of a button, you can post your newest web publication to any folder on your computer or to a FTP, network, or web server.
Learn more
Office 2010 makes it easy to express yourself and share your ideas with others.  To learn more about how the newest version of MS Office can help you express yourself, please contact the Microsoft Partners and Office 2010 experts at KaDee Associates at 484-974-2319.

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